Main Line: (888) 277-8239
For emergencies, please call 911 first.

As our resident, you will have a set of maintenance responsibilities that you will be required to fulfill on a regular basis. Many of these responsibilities will help keep the property in good running order, reducing the amount of problems you throughout your tenancy.

Reporting Maintenance - PropertyMeld

To report a maintenance concern, you must first either call the Maintenance number or create a Meld (work order) within the My Maintenance on the home page. Once the Meld is created, the technician assigned to your work order will contact you directly for scheduling.

Resident Responsibilities

• Code Notices – Ciy Code Compliance Officers will fine the home if your grass is not kept, tree branches are too low, tires are left out, and so forth.

• Foundations – Watering your foundation will help the house from shifting, causing internal damage such as cracks in walls and breaks in the sewer line.

• Air Conditioners—Residents are required to change their air filters every 30 days. Be sure to regularly wash the outside condenser to help with grass and pet hair blocking air flow.

• Plumbing -- Flushing sanitary napkins, wipes and foreign objects will clog the sewer line, causing backups and big problems. Please only flush what toilets are intended for!

For a full list of items to be conscious of, refer to your Resident Manual.