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Rental Criteria:

All applicants will be processed through a credit-screening agency. All adults 18 years of age or older, or emancipated minors with written proof of emancipation, must complete and sign an application and pay a $75 non-refundable application fee. Alden Short, Inc does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, handicap, or any other protected class recognized under applicable federal, state and/or local law.

  1. Gross household income should be equal to or greater than three times the monthly rent. We must receive proof of verifiable income paid directly to the applicants. Sources of income include, but are not limited to, the following: employment income, retirement benefits, spousal/child support, I20s, savings accounts, welfare, Social Security disability benefits, or any other legal, verifiable source of income. Exceptions to the gross monthly income requirement will be made only upon an applicant providing an additional deposit in the amount of one times the expected monthly rental amount.
  2. Rental history should be clear of unpaid rental collections and evictions in the last two years.
  3. Credit requirements are based on score and overall credit condition.
    • Credit score should be at least 600 for all applicants. Applicants with no credit or credit scores ranging from 525-599 will require an additional deposit equal to one month’s rent. Any credit score below 525 is an automatic denial.
    • No bankruptcies in the past seven years.
    • No outstanding utility balances.
    • No foreclosures.
  4. Misdemeanors and felonies will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as each category and time frame may differ based on class and severity. If a judgment has been dismissed, you can provide proper documentation.
  5. All applicants must provide valid proof of identification. Unless prohibited by applicable state or local law, non-U.S. Citizens must be able to provide documentation from U.S. Immigration to verify legal residency in the United States as of the effective date of the lease agreement. Temporary or expired forms are not accepted. Acceptable verification forms include:
    • Driver's license or ID card issued by a state or outlying possession of the United States provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color, and address.
    • ID card issued by federal, state or local government agencies or entities, provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color, and address.
    • U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card.
    • Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551).
    • Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa.
    • Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766).
    • For a non-immigrant alien authorized to work for a specific employer because of his or her status:
    o Foreign passport; and
    o Form I-94 or Form I-94A that has the following:
  6. The same name as the passport;
  7. An endorsement of the alien's nonimmigrant status as long as that period of endorsement has not yet expired, and the proposed employment is not in conflict with any restrictions or limitations identified on the form.
    • Passport from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) or the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) with Form I-94 or Form I-94A indicating non-immigrant admission under the Compact of Free Association Between the United States and the FSM or RMI
  8. A maximum of two persons per bedroom plus a child under two (2) years old will be allowed to occupy a home. Applicable state or municipal code restrictions may apply.

Approval Process:

Approvals- All approved applicants must move into the house that they were approved for within 14 days of the date the deposit and administrative fee is paid.
Denials & Approvals with Conditions- All applications with a result of denial or approved with conditions will receive an adverse action letter via email. A denial of one applicant is a denial of all. We cannot change the result by adding or removing applicants.
Deposits- Approved applicants will have 48 hours to pay the deposit, but the sooner the better. We will continue to process applications on a house until a security deposit & administrative fee has been received along with a signed security deposit agreement. All security deposits, fees & one full month’s rent will be paid via a RentMoney voucher (Electronic Money Order). If the applicant cancels or fails to move in, security deposits and administrative fees are non-refundable.
Lease Signing- The signed Lease, proof of utilities, renter’s insurance and all monies owed are required on or before move-in date or keys will not be released. Please wait for the lease to be signed to turn on utilities, as cities are now requiring signed leases. Lease signing will be via electronic signing through BlueMoon. A copy of this signed Lease Agreement will be sent to the applicants digitally for their records.
First Month’s Rent- Regardless of the move-in date, your first rental payment will be equal to one month’s rent. Your second month will be prorated.
Pet Policy- We allow up to 3 animals in the home. There is no weight limit or breed restrictions for dogs. We require a photo of each animal and the proof of current rabies vaccination records. Each pet requires a $300 non-refundable pet fee and a $20 monthly pet rent per pet.

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